About Debbie

The Team

Nothing worthwhile gets accomplished without the help and contributions of a talented staff.

Each member of the team that keeps My Place For Dinner cooking is a passionate and professional chef/instructor or server in his or her own right. The difference they make to the experience is noticeable as is our ability to work happily and seamlessly together.

To give credit where it’s due, My Place For Dinner truly wouldn’t enjoy the success it does without the combined efforts of: Richard Mott, Angie MacRae, Pamela McDonald, Michele Lee Pollack, Kimberley Lugsdin, Shauna Teiko McDermott, Cesar Tangalin, Sally Tangalin and Wade Shaw. I love you all!

Debbie Diament, cooking school owner, recipe developer, author and menu consultant brings years of experience and a lifelong passion to preparing and sharing the foods she loves. As a teacher, she enjoys a quick and easy rapport with her students.  And, with her hands-on approach to teaching, demystifies even the most complex cuisines.  She believes people learn best by doing.

Since 1997, she has brought her hands-on technique to private and corporate group cooking classes via her thriving enterprise, My Place For Dinner. As a menu consultant and recipe developer, she has lent her expertise to numerous corporate and private clients:. Accor Hotels, Nestles’ Heintz, Dan T’s, Welch’s, to name a few.

Debbie has been a guest chef instructor at Dish Cooking Studio, Whole Foods, Give It A Stir, To Set A Table, The Cook’s Place in Toronto, the Loblaws Cooking Schools and Silver Springs Culinary Retreat near Collingwood. She has appeared on CITY TV, The Life Network, and WNetwork.  She has also been featured on Tony’s Aspler’s web site and in the Globe and Mail, Toronto Star and Toronto Sun.

Her tastes range from Asian, Italian and French cuisines, to the Sephardic traditions of the Middle East and North Africa: cuisines she came to understand and appreciate in her travels.

My Place for Dinner, Debbie’s first cookbook, sold out its second edition. She contributed her culinary and testing expertise to Madeleine Greey’s cookbook Get Fresh! (Macmillan 1999) and Pamela Steele’s cookbook, Great Canadian Cakes (Prentice Hall Canada, 2002)

As a recipe tester and developer, Debbie is always looking for new ways to create, combine and complement the exotic and the familiar. Her low-fat muffin recipe was so good that it was snapped up by an international baking company! She believes, when prepared properly and thoughtfully, there’s no such thing as a boring meal or unfulfilling food.

Debbie is a member of the International Association of Culinary Professionals, Cuisine Canada and the Women’s Culinary Network of Toronto. She lives in Toronto with her husband Alex and son, Jacob.